What is the Art in your Kitchen?

Posted on September 21, 2013 at 5:20 pm

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Recently, I was invited to a client’s home and saw the most beautiful artwork hanging on the walls of the foyer, the family room and in the dining room.  When I walked into the kitchen and looked around, I noticed that all the walls were covered with cabinets.  Doesn’t seem so unusual, does it? But then I thought…”Wow, wouldn’t it be great to see art in the kitchen as well?”

Yet we design kitchens with relatively no empty wall space.  This made me start to think about where art in the kitchen would belong and the different forms that it could come in.  We think of art as being pictures hanging on the wall and found accoutrements that we place “just so” to assist in our design aesthetic.  In a kitchen everything has its place and its function.  Aesthetics (aka ART) can come in many forms and styles.  We’ve been groomed to think that there is no room to place art in a kitchen.  Now I want you to think back to the kitchens that you liked the most and try to see how art exists in each of them.

One of my favorite kitchens is full of color, light and design, yet there is no “art” as we traditionally think of it.  When you walk into this kitchen, the first thing that draws your eyes is the floor and backsplash.  The owners of this home are artists themselves, and they chose hand painted tiles to accent their backsplash and a bright colored tile floor that they found when travelling in Europe. These tiles depict pictures and memories that add to the design and feel of their kitchen.  There are also pieces of art that they’ve accumulated from travels over the years that stand alone in their kitchen, such as the cookbook holder from Africa.  So, is it the cookbook itself being displayed that’s the art OR is it the holder?

Another kitchen I love has small pottery and glass bottles lining the window sill above the sink and on some of the counters.  The owner loves pottery and has integrated this into her kitchen as art and has made it her own “thumbprint”.  Similar to this, one of my friends has placed beautiful large pottery on top of her cabinets.  This draws your eye up and makes the room feel larger (since she has a small kitchen) as well as adds to the décor.

What have you placed in your kitchen as art?  How have you placed your “thumbprint” in the kitchen and made it your own?  Whatever way you choose, art makes the kitchen personal and more comfortable for you and your family.  Remember: Art doesn’t have to take the form we always think…

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